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Khang Shen Herbs Organic Misai Kucing Tea ( 20 Teabags)



The Efficacy of Misai Kucing :

  • 减少体内水份滞留

          Reduces water retention in the body

  • 净化肾脏,排清毒素

          Purifies the kidneys and drains the toxins in the body

  • 减轻尿酸及痛风症状

          Reduces uric acid and symptoms of gout

  • 调节血糖及胆固醇水平

           Regulates blood sugar and cholesterol level

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康參猫须草茶来自彭亨零污染土地,并采用有机种植法。猫须草又名肾草,化石草或肾茶。学名为 Orthosiphon Aristatus,经常饮用猫须茶可逐渐恢复肾脏功能,对肾脏与泌尿系统疾病有积极的治疗作用和保健作用。 

Khang Shen Herbs Misai Kucing Tea from zero polluted plantation in Pahang, in which we facilitate the organic cultivation. Misai Kucing or Cat Whiskers is also known as renal grass, fossil grass or kidney tea.  Scientific name is Orthosiphon

Aristatus. By drinking Misai Kucing tea often, the liver function can be restored gradually. There are also having positive therapeutic and health effects on kidney diseases and urinary system.   

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